Who does every jewish Voice Counseling Center serve?
Children, teens, adults, and seniors
Individuals, couples and families

How does a person become a client?
Anyone may call every jewsih voice for a confidential intake at 954-323-8182. Usually you will speak with someone that same day, and an intake appointment will be offered at the earliest agreed upon time.

Does someone have to be referred to every jewish voice  by another professional?
No. Although many people are referred by rabbis, physicians, teachers or other professionals, such a referral is not necessary. Just call the Every Jewish voice  intake line directly 954-323-8182.

How long does counseling take?
Sometimes things can be resolved in just a few sessions. More often it takes longer to effect lasting change. Counseling sessions ordinarily last 45 minutes and are usually held once a week.


Every jewish voice depends on our professionally-trained volunteers to assist and support women who are being abused, and to assist in safeguarding the children in our community. every jewish voice offers a number of ways in which volunteers can get involved in this vital work. If you are interested in becoming an Every Jewish Voice volunteer, please choose from our exciting opportunities.