Central to our growth is learning ...
JLI Flagship Course 2022-2023

Join us for two weekly classes

Sunday Morning class.(Talmud & Tanya )

Friday Evening (Jewish Law)  

Always insightful, always provoking …

You and your questions are more than welcome!

The class takes place at Chabad Synagogue:

5681 Coral Ridge Drive

Coral Springs, Florida 33076

For more information or directions, please call: 954.341.9511

Light refreshments will be served.

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Talmud Learning

We've all heard of Talmudic logic and Talmudic argument. But how many of us have ever actually opened up the Talmud and learned it for ourselves?

This user-friendly course will teach you the basic of Talmud study and have you understanding the arguments of the Sages just as they were recorded two thousand years ago.

Join like-minded individuals in a beginner’s class on the intricacies of the Talmud.

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