The Rabbi on the Moon ...

Friday, 20 June, 2014 - 4:22 pm


Who remembers the incredible moment the astronauts aboard Apollo 11 planted the USA flag on the moon in 1969 ? I don’t J, but I can only imagine the feeling of pride you must’ve felt ,a moment etched in your memory forever ,a moment to celebrate a historical and magnificent achievement ,dear friends and community , this is the feeling I had today when the new monument sigh was erected at the Chai Center , The monument sign announcing the programs and the weekly schedule that our new campus will offer , for many of us it’s a culmination of nine years of consistent and selfless dedication and sacrifice on behalf of the community ,Todays installation of the sign is our community’s signature moment ,when history is made and planted in the ground like the flag ,confirming that all the years of dedication, the programs ,the good deeds over the last nine years, are like seeds that were planted  one at a time that have flourished and brought us to this monumental achievement ,The sign will remain forever etched in the ground surrounded by deep roots of goodness and kindness, installed on our new beautiful campus with the menorah shining forth from its center (on one the busiest intersections in the city), projecting a confident Jewish future in our community for generations to come.. who said you can’t reach for the moon ?..  

Be a part of this project as we move forward with phase two of the campaign - build out and remodeling of the interior of the building this summer.

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