The Chai Patio

A Outdoor Community Space to Shmooze ,Relax and Socialize 

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What is the mission and objective of the Chai Center Patio?  

A 4,000sf  outdoor patio space for the community to shmooze ,relax and socialize, with plans in the works to host many new community programs and initiatives, including teen clubs & community family programs, (Additonal programs include Vpk Sensory area, sukkah pavilion, venue for lifecycle parties ,BBQ & Kosher Food Truck nights and much more...

Who will it serve?

 Everyone! The patio will be open to the entire community ,no membership to the Chai Center will be required, the patio will also be open to local org who wishes to host programs on the patio. Some of the planned new programs 

 Why now?

 We all need a positive open safe space to shmoze relax and socialize ,and this is exactly what we envision for Chai Center Patio.The Chai Center Patio in the Chai Center Campus -Heron lakes Shoppes

What will it cost to build the Chai patio and what is the time frame? 

Once the funds are raised the estimated buildout time is three months, the buildout cost is estimated to cost at least  $220,000  ..For a full budget breakdown please call the office at 954-341-9511 

Where on the Chai Center Property will the patio be located?

- See Attached map ..

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