Community Pesach Seder
Led By: Rabbi Hershy and Chanie Bronstien
Seder -Monday, April 10th  & or Tuesday April 11th 

Seder -7:30pm

Seder Table

Join Chabad for an inspirational Passover Seder on the first night of Passover. The event promises to be an interactive learning experience. Enjoy delicious matzo, wine, fish, chicken soup, roast chicken and more.

Insights into the Haggada
Inspirational English Services
Delicious 4 course dinner
Traditional Songs

$45 Adults and $18 Children

Table Sponsor $360     Seder Sponsor $500 

Location: Chai Center Coral Springs -Reception Hall  

5761 Coral Ridge Dr Coral Springs FL 33076 
For more info please call 954-341-9511

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For more information please call (945)341-9511