Building On The Past: Building For The Future


What is the Chabad synagogue (The Chai Center) in Coral Springs?

Rabbi Hershey and Rebbetzin Chanie Bronstein moved to Coral Springs Florida in  2005 in the hopes of building a warm, welcoming environment in which Jews of all backgrounds can feel comfortable. They began with small prayer gatherings in their apartment and then established services and programs in a storefront on Coral Ridge Drive.

Why does Community need a larger space?

Growing community involvement soon necessitated leasing out other properties, in addition to the Coral Ridge Drive storefront in the Shoppes of Heron Lakes , to accommodate larger crowds for High Holidays and educational programs. The disjointed nature of having a preschool in one location, Hebrew school in another location, and religious services in another location proved antithetical to one of the core missions of bringing everyone together in a friendly environment.

What is the current plan?

Miraculously, the perfect space opened up at the perfect time for the Chabad synagogue. Located on the corner of Coral Ridge Drive and the Sawgrass expressway, the outparcel of the mall attracts thousands of passersby each day. The future “Chai Center”, with a menorah prominently displayed up front in the center tower of the building, will serve as a beautiful and stirring symbol befitting the Jewish community .


What will the Chai Center offer?

For the first time, the community will have a kosher caterer, on site at the beautiful event hall at the Chai Center. The Gan Shalom preschool, where Jewish values are instilled in a nurturing, warm manner, can establish full operations, complete with a state of the art playground and devoted, caring teachers. The Chai Center will feature a synagogue sanctuary which can accommodate hundreds of individuals even at busy times such as the High Holidays. In addition, a full library will be available for those looking to learn more about Jewish traditions. Classrooms will also enable Chabad to offer classes and programs for all ages and stages, from Mommy and Me, youth programs, Hebrew School, teen programs, adult education, and seniors programs. True to its name, the Chai Center will be a home for Jewish Life.

What is the design? What are the costs?

Itamar Goldenholz of Goldenholz & Associates Architects & Planners has been chosen for the enviable task of designing this beacon for the Jewish community. The total costs for purchase and construction are estimated to be in the range of $ 1.8 million to $2 million.

 How will this project be completed in a financially sound manner?

One of the core principles of real estate is that it is better to own than rent. For many years, the Chabad synagogue has had to pay a high rent at its current location, in addition to the leasing costs for the additional locations. Though building the Chai Center at this time is a large undertaking, it is the ideal time to do so. An aggressive capital campaign was launched in November 2013 and is hoped to be complete , in time for the synagogue’s 10th anniversary, and in time to celebrate High Holidays in a new, elegant yet practical, environment. Community involvement is key and all donations are encouraged to make it happen.


How can I partner with the The Chai Center to ensure a proper home for all its services and programs?

There are many dedication opportunities for namings and sponsorships. Please visit www.mychaicenter.com to help lay the foundation for the future of Jewish life in our community .                                                                         

 For Additional Information Please call the Chai Centers Office at 954-341-9511